About us

We work closely with our customers to help them accelerate experimentation and innovation

Effective Experiments first launched at the end of 2014. The founder of Effective Experiments, Manuel da Costa had a been running a CRO consultancy working with ecommerce clients to help them improve conversions. However as time went on tracking progress and keeping up with all the experiments became harder. Traditional project management tools fell short.

Effective Experiments was initially developed as an internal tool but after speaking to others in the industry, the need for such a platform became apparent.

Today, Effective Experiments helps fast growth and enterprise level optimization teams and agencies manage their testing programs centrally and accelerate innovation.

Working as a remote distributed team in locations all over the world, Manchester, Romania, Ukraine, Netherlands, Italy and USA, they are dedicated to building a platform that works for their customers and helping make experimentation a core part of the companies DNA through education.