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Optimization Bias: How True Optimizers Avoid the Dunning-Kruger Effect

Optimization, by nature, is an exact science - strategize, execute, analyze. Those who are good at it are methodical, detail oriented, and observant.  However, in every industry, there are people who think they know more than they actually do.

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Growth and Effective Experiments: A Skyscanner Case Study

Sophie Harpur discusses how Effective Experiments’ project management platform has helped her company’s experiment teams in this Skyscanner case study.

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The Challenges of Using Multiple Conversion Optimization Tools

Working with multiple tools affects your productivity. With CRO, these are spread across multiple types of tools each doing their own part. Read this article to learn more about the challenges that can arise from this.

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Hitting a new milestone - 10000+ experiments planned and executed via Effective Experiments

10000 experiments! 10,000 experiments that our amazing customers - conversion optimization teams & agencies have planned , prioritised, hypothesised, created, qa'd , deployed and completed via Effective Experiments!

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Building an all new A/B testing tool?

Since the earliest days of Effective Experiments, way back in early 2014, we have constantly been asked this question by customers and companies interested in our platform. "Will you ever create an A/B testing tool within Effective Experiments" Today, I want to give you some news about this and I can firmly and definitely say

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