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In the meantime, here's why companies are switching from generic project management tools to Effective Experiments

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Managing Experimentation with spreadsheets & project management tools

  • Cheap but inefficient and affects productivity and ability to scale
  • No birds eye view of your data
  • Experiment & Ideation data scattered
  • No integration with testing tools
  • No out of the box workflows/processes
  • Time wasted in keeping multiple systems up to date
  • Lack of visibility from other teams & stakeholders
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Managing Experimentation Programs using an Experimentation Ops Platform

  • Birds eye view of all experimentation activities
  • Document your ideas & experiments
  • Centralised documentation
  • Integrates with testing tools
  • In-app team collaboration
  • Keep everyone informed at all times automatically
  • Share roadmaps with stakeholders
  • Out of the box workflows/processes
  • Access to our Exponential Experimentation onboarding to get you going
  • Unparalleled personal support