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Users are individuals who will use the platform to add, edit, modify or delete ideas, experiments, research & reports.


Projects are where you would store your ideas and experiments and research and collaborate with team mates who are invited to it.


Build your knowledgebase with all your experiments, ideas and research data.

Query Engine

The query engine allows you to quickly access all your data within seconds based on any criteria you are search for.

Crowdsource ideas

Source ideas from anyone in your organisations - eg Customer support, stakeholders etc

Customisable workflow templates

Customise everything within Effective Experiments such as your prioritisation model, experiment intake form etc.


Integrate Effective Experiments with 3rd Party tools and pull data such as your experiments, analytics, heatmaps


Automate your reporting and notifications


Automated reporting that frees you from the time spent creating reports every time an experiment completes


Informative dashboards to keep you up to date with every aspect of your optimization programme.

Roadmap visualisation

Plan and visualise your testing pipeline using shareable, automated roadmaps of all your experiments

Voting & Polls

Engage your team and stakeholders with fun voting polls and leaderboards


Talk to sales

Enterprise add-ons

Pick and mix what you need to enhance your account.

  • Single Sign on
  • Custom API Integrations
  • White Label
  • Audit Logs/ IP restrictions

Our team is spread across multiple countries. Excel was becoming hard to use for documenting our AB tests. Effective Experiments has helped us keep everyone up to date on whats going on. Better still, it comes with some amazing support.

Guido Jansen - Euroflorist

Growing CRO to the next level is very hard when you don't have the right tools. Effective Experiments is the best in the market to manage optimization workflow. It frees up our resources to focus on our optimization programme instead of building and maintaining our own tool.

Vanja Mlaco - Transavia

The Effective Experiments platform has been a key driver in the velocity of growth testing and experimentation at Skyscanner. The platform increases visibility of what tests are being conducted across our global offices, which in turn helps us learn faster and scale successes.

Sophie Harpur - Skyscanner

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to request a demo? Can I not just start a trial right away?
We do offer a 14 day trial for all customers wishing to try out Effective Experiments. But, we do ask you to request a demo and schedule a call with us before you get access to the platform. The call helps us assess if Effective Experiments is the right fit for your company. This saves you time and also allows you to see how the different parts of the platform fit together.
What's the difference between the lite & pro plan?
Effective Experiments is a really comprehensive CRO platform that caters to every aspect of the optimization workflow. For some companies, this may be a bit too much especially if they are just starting out. The lite plan is ideal for customers who want to build a strong foundation in documentation and standardise their workflow. The pro plans help more mature teams customise every aspect of Effective Experiments to match their workflow
Do you integrate with {{Insert Platform name here}} ?
Aside from our out of the box integrations with Testing platforms and 3rd party marketing solutions, we also offer custom integrations on the pro plan. If the platform you wish to integrate with has an API, chances are we can integrate with them. These will be discussed on a case by case basis.
Why can't I just use Trello or Excel to manage my optimization workflow?
Most of our customers have migrated from platforms like Trello , Excel, Jira etc. Whilst those tools are adequate for documentation, you still need to use other tools to create reports, create dashboards etc. You end up wasting your time by jumping between multiple tools. Effective Experiments is a complete end to end solution that caters to every aspect of the optimization workflow. It was built from the ground up with Optimization in mind.
How secure is your platform?
We take security very seriously. After all our customers comprise of major global and banks. We offer full HTTPs security throughout the app and all data is encrypted. No one has access to this information and it is never used for benchmarking nor is it shared with 3rd parties. Bottom line - you own the data and it is secured by military grade security practices.

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