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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to take a quiz?

Full disclosure: Effective Experiments (and Experimentation Ops™) is not for everybody. It’s best suited for enterprise companies with well-established CRO programs who desire to scale their current setup but are struggling to do so due to a lack of a centralized operational platform and stakeholder buy-in

If you feel this is accurate for you, then

What’s your pricing like?

Good question. As Experimentation Ops™ is not just a fully customizable platform, but a supportive framework that involves quarterly, monthly, or even weekly training, workshops, and assistance for enterprise companies, pricing is 100% customized according to your program’s (and your organization’s) actual needs.

You’re welcome to and to request a demo to discuss what Experimentation Ops™ may look like for your enterprise in terms of pricing.

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How can I reach you quickly?

You’re welcome to ask us any quick questions at any time via this chatbot