The Benefits Of Centralising Your Experimentation Program

“We’re reaching breaking point and we don’t know what each CRO is up to. Worse still, a lot of tests have not been documented and that knowledge is now lost”.

This was a conversation I had with one of the CRO leads at a multi-brand, multi-national organisation. Their experimentation program was mature, in his own words yet he was having a hard time keeping up with what tests were coming up or finding insights from historical tests. Furthermore, each team was conducting experiments and documenting them in their own preferred tool and process.

It’s a symptom of the decisions made by organisations very early on in their experimentation journey and it has long lasting impact on the organisation.

The main focus of many Experimentation programs has been on running tests and doing so with increasing velocity. It’s not surprise that documenting and storing the knowledge has remained an afterthought. When the need does eventually arise, they look for project management tools such as Excel, Jira, Airtable, Asana and the like.

Unfortunately, none of these solutions are built for the nuances of Experimentation program management. As a result, the CRO is now juggling between multiple tools to track ideas, document and manage the experiment workflow, create reports and share it across the organisation.

When the workload increases, report writing and sharing of experiment learnings is put on the backburner. The inefficiencies of these not-built-for-purpose tools compound over time leaving the CRO with little time and mind-space. Quality suffers and the process collapses leading to ad-hoc storing of knowledge.

Experimentation teams need a dedicated built-for-purpose CRO program management and workflow tool that allows them to work seamlessly across idea management, experimentation planning and workflow, reporting, research and sharing it with everyone in the organisation.

Centralising your testing library and learnings into one single platform has immediate impact on everyone involved in experimentation and the wider organisation.