Experimentation Ops™:
Your untapped competitive advantage

Experimentation Ops™ is an enterprise-level framework that tranforms your experimentation program into your competitive advantage


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Tools can’t drive innovation.
Or growth

We saw it happening in front of our eyes. Time and time again, companies would adopt a new “tool” and try to use it to organize their experimentation programs. Thinking that was enough to generate rich insights that can fuel innovation — and therefore, revenue growth.

Yet, after the initial sparkle wore off all that was left of these tools was little more than a “data dump”.

Because these tools never got to the true heart of the matter: fixing the broken chain of communication between senior management and experimentation teams.

So no matter how much (or how little) budget was invested in tools, no one was able to use the strategic insights that experimentation delivered to further their growth.


But an internal culture that champions experimentation can.

Yes, documenting your organization’s experiments was, and still is, a serious problem. But the bigger issue lies in an organization’s culture of experimentation.

When an entire company champions experimentation, incredible things happen.

They become more agile, more flexible, and more innovative. They can pivot, develop new features or offerings, and launch into new markets faster. And everyone — from senior management to ground-level practitioners — are now properly aligned with the company’s strategic business objectives.

And this is what the Experimentation Ops™ framework does. It democratizes experimentation by breaking down the silo it lives in.

And by opening up experimentation to the entire organization, companies can abandon “old school” business thinking and tap into experimentation’s true power: fueling innovation and business growth.



Experimentation Ops™ Organizational Audit & Implementation

Before enterprise companies can make experimentation the core driver of business innovation, a strategic audit applies the principles of experimentation to your organization to:

● Assess the maturity of your current experimentation program

● Identify key challenges in driving experimentation change management

● Provide clear recommendations on what your organization needs to do to move forward and adopt a true culture of experimentation


Operations Analysis

This sheds light on what your business is, what it does, how you are positioned in the market, the industries your organization addresses, and the reasons why your company has (or has not yet) adopted experimentation — which enables us to understand where experimentation plays a part.


Organizational Structure Analysis

In a practical sense, this analysis assesses your organizational structure and involves understanding how your teams, departments, and branches operate and interact with each other to understand where experimentation fits inside your organization.


Experimentation Culture Audit

How well placed is your culture to talk about experimentation as part of your business? Is experimentation part of your vocabulary? Do you talk about failures? Do you talk about successes? Do you understand that innovation comes from effort and experimentation? The Experimentation Culture Audit lets us understand how mature your experimentation capabilities are.


Goal Alignment Analysis

Do you align commercial goals on a senior level? How well is this aligned with experimentation activity? Is there any communication between what happens in boardroom meetings and what experimentation practitioners are doing day-by-day? These are the types of questions that the Goal Alignment Analysis answers.


Skills & Roles Audit

What skills and roles do you have in your organization that can help support change management? How is your experimentation team or department structured and what influence do they have in the organization? How well prepared is your organization to use experimentation as a massive competitive advantage? This audit condenses all your experimentation needs and assesses how everyone works — independently, and together.


Experimentation Ops™ Implementation Plan

At the end of the Organizational Audit, you’ll be presented with a customized report that documents and lays out all of the findings from the above analyses, and shows you what you should do from now on to drive change management and open up experimentation to the rest of your organization.


Experimentation Ops™ Workflow & Insights Engine

Once you have the recommendations for moving forward, Effective Experiments can help you implement them through the Insights Engine which includes the Experimentation Ops™ platform.

This involves:

● Analyzing and improving experimentation and communication workflows through the entire organization

● Integrating the Experimentation Ops™ platform with your existing technology

● Developing bespoke features or requirements depending on your organization’s exact needs

● Ongoing support and training in using the platform and implementing change management


Experimentation Workflow Analyses

In light of the recommendations in your custom Implementation Plan, we analyze your current workflows to see how they can be improved in line with experimentation best practices. After this, we replicate existing workflows inside the Experimentation Ops™ platform, and incorporate or improve upon additional workflows.


Key Challenges

As we begin to customize the Experimentation Ops™ platform to best support you and your organization, we assess and address any further challenges that you may have — from visibility of data to communication bottlenecks and beyond.


Integrations with Existing Tech

It doesn’t matter what legacy tech your organization may be using. Our team of expert developers will make sure the Experimentation Ops™ platform integrates seamlessly with them to make sure you’re getting the best out of what you already have.


Bespoke Feature Development

Every organization comes with a laundry list of unique requirements. We can create custom features and additional elements to ensure the platform serves your organization perfectly.


Training & Support

In order to make change management permanent, you need an experimentation evangelist on your side to help with orchestration and implementation. We offer your experimentation evangelist, senior management, and experimentation teams ongoing training and support to help overcome these barriers and ensure the transition to a culture of experimentation happens as smoothly as possible.


Customer Success Program

We’re here to help your transformation become permanent. Which is why you also get ongoing support from the Effective Experiments team to ensure your organization keeps moving forward and now thrives on a culture of experimentation.

The end result? An organization that thrives on innovation.

Using the Experimentation Ops™ change management framework, you can now stay two steps ahead of industry, consumer, and audience trends — and your competitors.

You no longer need to play “catch up” to insights highlighted in third party quarterly or annual reports. You can now use the insights gathered from your own experimentation programs to make better informed and more highly strategic business decisions. And even reassess your commercial goals on-the-go.

This allows you to update, shift or pivot your marketing campaigns, strategic developments and address new target markets to meet your customers where they’re at. Further your growth no matter how competitive the space you’re in.


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