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Growth and Effective Experiments: A Skyscanner Case Study

Sophie Harpur discusses how Effective Experiments’ project management platform has helped her company’s experiment teams in this Skyscanner case study.

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The Challenges of Using Multiple Conversion Optimization Tools

Working with multiple tools affects your productivity. With CRO, these are spread across multiple types of tools each doing their own part. Read this article to learn more about the challenges that can arise from this.

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Building an all new A/B testing tool?

Since the earliest days of Effective Experiments, way back in early 2014, we have constantly been asked this question by customers and companies interested in our platform. "Will you ever create an A/B testing tool within Effective Experiments" Today, I want to give you some news about this and I can firmly and definitely say

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Take Trello swim lanes to the next level with more comprehensive workflows

Trello’s primary project management feature, their boards, enables you to sort tasks according to categories. Often these categories are progress-based, defined by the stage of a project towards completion. Yet, they allow for the flexibility of an organization to define as it sees fit.

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Announcing our latest integration - SiteSpect

We are extremely excited to announce our latest integration with Sitespect, a leading optimization platform that allows customers to conduct rapid A/B testing, multivariate testing, behavioral targeting and personalization, landing page optimization, mobile web optimization, and web performance optimization.

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