How UX Research Fuels More Successful Optimizations

There’s more to meaningful test results than running incessant A / B tests. Success in conversion rate optimization requires efficient test management via a streamlined process for hypothesis development.  Understanding your user is paramount to identifying the user’s friction points that fuel idea and hypothesis generation.

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Dutch CRO agency Online Dialogue makes the switch from Trello to Effective Experiments

We are extremely excited to announce that a leading CRO agency from the Netherlands, Online Dialogue, has switched to Effective Experiments to manage their CRO workflow with their team and clients. After using Trello over the last two years and encountering challenges with using it, the agency decided to find a platform that could best support their proprietary FACT and ACT process that they built to run the optimization programmes with their clients.

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Effective Experiments
Announcing our latest integration - SiteSpect

We are extremely excited to announce our latest integration with Sitespect, a leading optimization platform that allows customers to conduct rapid A/B testing, multivariate testing, behavioral targeting and personalization, landing page optimization, mobile web optimization, and web performance optimization.

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Effective Experiments
The Silent Killer Of Your Optimization Programme. And How To Defeat It.

There is a silent killer that threatens to destroy your optimization programme and all the work you have put into it.

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Product Review : Wasabi - An Open Source A/B Testing Framework

Despite the fact that A/B testing has become a standard method in market research, there are only a few open source platforms that offer these functionalities. However, in 2016, software company Intuit announced they were open sourcing their real-time, enterprise-grade A/B Testing platform named Wasabi.

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